About the UP Scorecard

The UP Scorecard is developed by a cross-industry group of leading food service companies, NGOs, and technical experts.


The UP Scorecard is being developed by SUM’D, which is a fiscally sponsored project of the Healthy Building Network (HBN), a registered 503(c) non-profit organization registered under United States law. The UP Scorecard is being hosted by the Food Packaging Forum Foundation. Life cycle assessment (LCA) services are being provided by Scope 3 Consulting, and technical development of the tool is carried out in cooperation with Frantic Software. The UP Scorecard uses ecoinvent as a data source.

Ongoing development of the UP Scorecard is being made possible through the generous financial support of The Didier et Martine Primat Fondation and Environmental Defense Fund. Additional financial support has been provided through in-kind donations from individuals listed below.

The first version of the UP Scorecard was produced by The Lexicon, with support from the Food Team at Google. The Lexicon’s accelerator programs bring together food companies, NGOs, scientists, entrepreneurs, and food producers from across the globe to tackle some of the most complex challenges facing our food systems, from regenerative agriculture to food is medicine.

Project Leader
Host Organization
Project Initiator
Fiscal Sponsor
LCA Service Provider
Software Developer
LCA Data Provider

Participating Organizations

SUM'D Executive Board

Johanna Anderson
Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

Dianna Cohen
Vice President
Plastic Pollution Coalition

Dagny Tucker
Vice President

Jonathan Kaplan
Compass Group

Jane Muncke
Food Packaging Forum Foundation

SUM'D Steering Committee

The UP Scorecard is being further developed and managed by the Single-Use Material Decelerator (SUM’D), which is a passionate and dedicated team of leading food service companies, NGOs, and technical experts. Members of the Steering Committee include:

Anna Soehl (Green Science Policy Institute)
Cassie Huang (Environmental Defense Fund)
Dagny Tucker (Vessel)
Dianna Cohen (Plastic Pollution Coalition)
Dorota Napierska (Zero Waste Europe)
Dörte Bachmann (SV Group)
Eric Ahnmark (Recology)
Etienne Cabane (Food Packaging Forum)
Florian Suter (Food Packaging Forum)
Graham Givens (Foodbuy)
Hamzah Abu Ragheb (Aramark & Avendra Group)
Jane Muncke (Food Packaging Forum)

Jeffery Clark (National Restaurant Association)
Johanna Anderson (Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council – SPLC)
Jonathan Kaplan (Compass Group)
Judy Panayos (Sodexo)
Julia Cohen (Plastic Pollution Coalition)
Julia Jordan (Compass Group)
Justin Boucher (Food Packaging Forum)
Kyle Meisterling (Scope 3 Consulting)
Nathan Gassman (GreenLight Solutions)
Peter Schelstraete (Ubuntoo)
Stacy Glass (ChemFORWARD)
Stefan Moedritzer (Real Estate
Workplace Services – REWS)


The UP Scorecard is a non-profit project that relies on donations from foundations, organizations, and individuals to operate. We are very grateful for all of the project’s current and past donors:

  • Fondation Dider et Martine Primat
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Pete Myers

Change Log and Legal Information

The UP Scorecard is being actively developed, and new versions will be announced on this website. A change log is available that summarizes the updates made across each released version of the tool.

The UP Scorecard is released under a proprietary (“all rights reserved”) license of use. It is free for everyone to access and use on this website, but copyright restrictions are in place. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details. If you have questions about permissions for using the UP Scorecard, please contact us.